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The Shoulder.jpg
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Physical Therapy compilations
Vertebral Column anatomy - Copy.jpg
Vertebral Coloumn Disorders.jpg
PTR knee - Copy.jpg
PTR foot-anklejpg - Copy.jpg
The Hip.jpg
PTR Pelvis.jpg
Muscle tutorial.jpg
Video Lectures on Drugs and their Actions
Video Lectures on Drugs and their Actions
Pharmacology Title page 1.jpg
pharmacology title page 2.jpg
Pharmacology Analgesics.jpg
Other reference books
Reference Books never go to waste
Ross and Wilson AnP 2012.jpg
Pain cover-1.jpg
Spinal pain link.jpg
Anatomy and physiology.jpg
ABC of Spinal Disorders.jpg
Classical Books of Osteopathy
Here are some classical books on osteopathy
Philosophy of Osteoopathy.jpg
The Philosophy and Mechanical Principles
Osteopathy - Research and Practice (AT S
Osteopathic Techic - Eckford.jpg
Symptoms of Visceral Disease, a Study of
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