Learning Anatomy and Physiology with a guiding hand 

Knowing your body: what's in it and how it works

Anatomy and Physiology course description

This is a comprehensive and informative course provides the student with a sound basic knowledge of all anatomy (what is in the body) and physiology (how it works), leading to an ITEC qualification (QQI equivalent). For more details see here

Who is the course designed for?

Those planning a career in a healthcare setting who require a formal qualification (is this course recognised?)

Carers working in a healthcare or home setting

Pre-Nursing Students , CPD

Anatomy and Physiology

How long is the course?

The course is run over three weekends (6 full days) with the (optional)exam 3 months after the last weekend. The course is ITEC level 3 approved (equivalent to FETAC level 5)

Where is the course taught?

Cork City , Ireland

What is taught on the course?

 A sound basic knowledge of all anatomy (the structure of the body) and physiology (how it works). A course book and a disc is supplied to facilitate your learning process. For more details See Here

Who teaches the course?

The course is designed and taught by Laurence Hattersley BSc DO MOCI MIACST, an experienced osteopath and lecturer


Course fees - for the anatomy and physiology course  -  €600 (inc. course book and DVD with all teaching materials)

The fee for the ITEC anatomy and physiology exam - €130

Course dates

Anatomy and Physiology

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