Know Your Body

Anatomy and Physiology can be a difficult subject to learn without a guiding hand  

This ITEC Level 3 course is that guiding hand

Anatomy and Physiology course description - This course provides the student with a sound basic knowledge of all anatomy (what is in the body) and physiology (how it works). For more details see here

Who is the course designed for - This course is designed for all comers: beginners, revision, CPD requirements and those who need anatomy and physiology as a part of some other professional training (massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy etc.)

How long is the course - The course is run over three weekends (6 full days) with the exam 3 months after the last weekend. The course is ITEC level 3 approved (equivalent to FETAC level 5)

Where is the course taught - The  course is taught in Cork city

What is taught on the course? See here. A course book and a disc is supplied (with addition files including videos) to facilitate your learning process

Who teaches the course - The course is designed and taught by Laurence Hattersley BSc DO MOCI MIACST, an experienced osteopath and lecturer 

Future course dates

Course fees - see here

Laurence feels his book, A Second Opinion - An Insight Into Good Heath, Disease and Our Relationships With Them, is an expression of his personal journey of understanding good health, disease, medicine and healing. It is available in:

Paperback       Ebook       Kindle

A Second Opinion Laurence